Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney picks Ryan as VP: Sarah Palin in a suit and tie.

For the last 12 years the United States has been saddled with the two worst most incompetent over their heads presidents in history. Both spectacularly incompetent, one, Obama, probably the biggest and most blatant liar since Richard Nixon, and Bush, who brought more catastrophe to the United States because of his and Republican incompetence and failed ideology, than any president in history.

 But if anyone hoped that Romney might bring a glimmer of hope or rationality to the election and the choices, he destroyed that by picking the most politically irrational, self-destructive, stupid running mate possible, his Sarah Palin in a suit and tie.

 Recently Dick Cheney publicly criticized John McCain's choice of Palin as a vice presidential running mate by pointing out the obvious: the only criteria for choosing a vice president is, are they ready to be president if they have to be? Cheney pointed out that Palin wasn't. And the same is true for Ryan.

 At this point all the Democrats have to do is run ads and commercials asking, do you want to elect the man who wants to get rid of Medicare? Then give the date for election day and everyone can go fishing.

 All the Democrats need to do now is just put Obama in a closet somewhere, tell him to keep his phony soaring rhetoric to himself so people don't have to deal with the unpleasantness of having to vote for him, and Obama should win easily and give us another four years of reneging on promises, lying through his teeth, waffling on everything, capitulating to Republicans ( so its a win -win for Republicans anyway) and displaying what he has displayed his entire political life -- no principles or convictions. But it will show the Republicans that even with an incompetent like Obama running against them, their ideology is a non starter and will be rejected by the majority of Americans.

 Romney must have the dumbest collection of political advisors this side of the Democrats. Forget the polls, the election was his to lose. And he seems that he and his advisors are intent on losing it and all to try and cater to the extreme right wing of his party, reactionaries inaccurately named Tea Partiers, ( proving as always their total ignorance of American history) who are not only the most un-American faction since the conservatives known as Torys opposed the Revolution, but so small in number they can have no impact in a national election no matter how many colonial costumes they rent.

 It wont be surprising if, in the next three days ( the time it takes to execute a national poll) Romney's numbers collapse. And with it his presidential hopes. The only consolation for those who hoped Romney would be more the person he was when he was governor of Massachussetts is,anyone who isn't smart enough to beat Obama when more than half the Democratic party is fed up and disgusted with him, doesnt deserve to be president anyway.

And just in case anyone doubts whether Romney really wants to be president, there is this:


Susan said...

This election, unfortunately, will be about the economy and jobs and Obama's complete unwillingness to do anything about the problems.

The election will be about Obama, NOT Mitt, NOT Ryan, unfortunately. There are a LOT of people who are angry at him.

I am not so quick to write Mitt off at this point.

Marc Rubin said...

"I am not so quick to write Mitt off at this point."

The more Romney embraces the extreme right which has already shown they are not fit to govern and whose polices were a disaster when they did, the more Romney gives disaffected Democrats reason to hold their nose and vote for Obama just to keep the right wing out of the White House. Romney will either win or lose a close election but if he had run as the same person who was governor of Massachussetts instead of kow towing to the extreme right, a very stupid political move, he would have landslided Obama. Now, given Ryan's stance on Medicare he can kiss at least one swing state goodbye - Florida. And probably Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

".....the more Romney gives disaffected Democrats reason to hold their nose and vote for Obama just to keep the right wing out of the White House...."

That's what I'm gonna do!