Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did Obama avoid Wisconsin fight because he was wearing his school clothes?

One thing Barrack Obama has learned well. He can tell any lie, make any nonsensical dishonest excuse, make any kind of preposterous claim and he can count on both the press and what passes now for liberals and progressives, to swallow it like a collection of trained seals, let it go and not hold him accountable. He counted on it during the 2008 primaries, during his first four years in office and he is counting on it to get re-elected.

 In an interview published on The Hill that president Obama gave to ABC News affiliate WBAY in Green Bay Wisconsin, Obama said he skipped the recall fight in Wisconsin because he had "other responsibilities" at the time."The truth of the matter" he said,  "is that as president of the United States I have a lot of responsibilites". 

The "truth of the matter"? Has he gotten so narcissitic and so used to spewing  utter hollow nonsense without challenge that he thinks people will believe he is telling a heretofore unrevealed truth that the president of the United States has a lot of responsibilites?

The truth of the matter is that those "responsibilites" included 5 fund raisers for his own presidential campaign and a round of golf. Which made his claim of "responsibilities" as credible as saying he didn't show up in Wisconsin and get into the fight because he was wearing his school clothes.

 Obama ended the interview with another nonsensical comment that had no connection to reality much less the Wisconsin recall . Obama said:

 "My suspicion is governors all across the country, governors who are dealing with tough budgets have to make tough decisions."

 His suspicion? He only suspects it? Is he that out of touch with reality that the effect of the economy on state budgets for the last 3 years is only a suspicion to him ? Does he think his suspicions are going to be confirmed any time soon?

 He also said something else disconnected to reality. He told the interviewer:

 " But one of the lessons learned ( from the Wisconsin recall results) is that it is better to make them ( tough decisions) with people than against people".

 What lesson is that? Given that Walker withstood the recall, what is Obama talking about? He sounds like a kid giving a book report on a book he hadn't read and trying to fake his way through it.

 Which means maybe it's not really a matter of Obama wearing his school clothes, but the naked realization that he has been and will continue to be an embarrassment to the Democratic party and that it about time they realize the emperor never had any clothes to begin with.


Greenconsciousness said...

Obama skipped WI because he could not answer the question; If govt unions are so great for the country, why don't you let federal workers organize? He knows he does not want that.

The truth is the well staffed govt unions hurt the taxpayers while electing the people they bargain with for costly benefits.

Greenconsciousness said...

Green Consciousness: The recall is lost and the Democrats still don't get it

Anonymous said...

When the reason (excuse) one gives is as garbled and nonsensical as Obamas', you know the intention is to confuse, to make a statement so illogical that the interviewer is unable to even formulate a question to clarify.

Teenagers do it to get out of trouble. Con-men and psychopaths do it to charm and deceive. Just like Obama, bamboozling is their bag.