Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama and DNC betrayal of the Wisconsin recall election.

Next week the Wisconsin recall election will be held, the result of grass roots activists getting enough signatures to force the recall election of  Scott Walker because of his and the Republican controlled state legislature's attempts at not only trying to strip teachers of their union's negotiating rights, but also, as Republicans try to do all over the country, gut education in favor of putting a few more bucks in people's pockets.

 The election is important since it will be a gauge not only of Tea Party power, but ideology and could send a message one way or the other regarding the fall elections.

 But what is not just politically stupid but asinine, is that the Democratic National Committee has put no money oe resources behind the Democratic candidate for governor. And there is only one reason why.

The president of the United States is always the titular head of his party. And generally makes the rules and decisions that affect the party. So the DNC decision NOT to financially support the Democratic challenger in the recall election is a decision that could have been made only by Barrack Obama, a decision that the people at MoveOn, Democracy for America and other progressive groups insist on ignoring in their email requests for money to support the Democrat in the recall election.

 The fight in Wisconsin is about two things Obama pretends to care about --  the rights of labor unions and education.

 The decision to withhold money and resources in the  Wisconsin election is just one more betrayal of the Democratic agendsa and their principles by Obama and the sycophants he has in place at the DNC, one more reason why, even if it sounds painful, what is best for the Democratic party in the long run is an Obama defeat in the presidential election.

 Progressive groups like MoveOn,have been sending out fund raising emails asking people to chip in $5 or $10 to support an important cause the DNC and Obama wont. And instead of being outraged by the decison of the DNC and Obama not to spend any money in the Wisconsin recall when national Republican groups and PAC's are spending all they can,  they ignore the lack of support and ask Democratic voters to foot the bill and yet still have the gall ( and lousy judgement) to expect Democrats to support Obama. Probably because Obama himself has the gall to expect Democrats to support him no matter how many times he puts his thumb in their eye.

There is a good chance the people of Wisconsin will show common sense, say enough is enough and throw Walker out in spite of the lack of support from the DNC. Right now the polls show a very close election. Republican PACS are pouring resources of their own into Wisconsin and outspending Democrats by a considerable margin. Which is something to remember the next time Obama or a Democratic party mouthpeice pontificates about the need to support unions and education.

NOTE: On Sunday David Axelrod was on the Sunday talk shows answering the complaint that Obama and the DNC were staying out of the Wisconsin recall election. Axelrod claimed it wasnt true because Obama was " 100% in Barrett's corner".( Gee, thanks).  He also claimed the DNC was sending a lot of lawyers into Wisconsin to make sure there were was no Republican hanky panky at the polls. This is their answer to tens of millions being poured into the election by Republicans and their super PACs. The truth is the election is close and Obama has stayed away so if Barrett loses  no one can use it as a symbol of Obama's political decline. So as usual Obama puts his own political fortunes ahead of what matters while displaying the same political cowardice that has marked his entire political career.


Alessandro Machi said...

Union busting is also about out of control state pension costs that appear to be increasing as a percentage of the total state budget year after year.

When does the state pension discussion revolve around numbers and not political parties?

What percentage of a state's total yearly budget should the pension portion be?

Nobody discusses this and that is the real problem.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Dems never cease to amaze. Given that every action Obama takes is self-serving and for the purpose of getting him re-elected, you would think he and the Dems would want to make sure this ends up as a Dem win. Maybe their inaction in this case reflects extreme confidence in a good outcome. Maybe they have a few tricks up their sleeves - just as they did in 2008 when the dead arose from their graves and voted for O.

It'll be interesting to see how this goes down.


Anonymous said...

With Democrats -- rightly and for good reason -- disappointed in and disgusted with Obama and indicating their planned refusal to vote for him, and with Republicans full of confidence and zeal to elect not only Mitt Romney but a cartload of Republicans to fill Senate and House seats, maybe it's time to spend some time discussing what sort of a country this will be under Republican control.

Will we be better off than we are now (not that we are doing well now, we aren't -- but we can always do worse; for example: the Great Depression)?

Will Romney and his Republican friends work harder than the current crop of Democrats have to protect America's working class?

Will Romney and his Republican friends work harder than the current crop of Democrats have to protect Social Security?

Will Romney and his Republican friends work harder than the current crop of Democrats have to protect the American public from another Wall St. meltdown, and will Mitt & friends protect us from -- once again -- having to donate billions of our tax dollars to save Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc.?

Will Romney and his Republican friends work harder than the current crop of Democrats have to protect minority rights and/or women's rights?

Will Romney and his Republican friends work harder than the current crop of Democrats have to protect our Constitutional rights?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you are dreaming of something that never will be.