Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, prostitution and living in glass houses.

Everyone knows by now Rush Limbaugh's comment about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke who was going to testify about the contraception law and her argument that it should be covered by insurance. Limbaugh called her a "slut" and a "prostitute", and said that if she thinks contraceptive coverage should be part of general insurance coverage she should post sex videos of herself as a way of making payment to Limbaugh and others for the coverage.

 The immediate was response was  tepid:  "this has no place in public discourse", expressions of outrage  and weak petitions to John Boehner to offer a resolution condemning Limbaugh's remarks.

But  one petition which had a glimmer of getting results asked Limbaugh's advertisers to stop buying commercial time and to date 3 advertisers had withdrawn. The petitions to advertisers are having an affect. And the more women and others outraged by Limbaugh's remarks make it known to advertisers they willl not buy products or services advertised on Limbaugh's show, the more Limbaugh will pay for his comments. Severely.

But aside from petitions,you would have thought that someone might have pointed out that Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a "prostitute" and "slut" was coming from a former oxycontin addict who had also sent his maid to buy  illegal doses of Viagra.

Limbaugh said over and over that because Fluke wanted contraception to be part of her health insurance plan that  meant she wanted to be "paid to have sex. And if she wants to be paid to have sex, what does that make her? A slut and a prostitute right?"

If that's how Limbaugh looks at it, he might be living in a glass house. And a glass bedroom.
Because it's no stretch to say that if Limbaugh were broke, if he were an insurance adjuster, if he had a modest income, the woman he recently married lying in bed next to him  might very well not be there.  And Limbaugh probably knows it. In fact it could be said that if not for Limbaugh's money and fame he'd have a hard time getting any woman within 20 feet of him.

It could be  pointed out  that a man who wakes up with a woman in bed next to them who possibly wouldn't be there were it not for his money and fame ought to think about what that makes the person in bed next to them. If Limbaugh thinks Sandra Fluke is a prostitute because she wants contraception to be included in her health insurance and in Limbaugh's mind that means she "wants to be paid to have sex", what does Limbaugh think that makes his wife?

Not that prostitutes should be denigrated or looked down on. Most are more honest than Limbaugh and certainly do a lot more good than he does . But there is an old adage that people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. And Limbaugh might very well be living in a glass house with a glass bedroom.  With his tirade against Sandra Fluke, he is seeing it shattered.

NOTE: Rush Limbaugh has issued an apology to Fluke for "the words" he used. He apologized because he is running scared, because one of the primary weapons women as well as others who found Limbaugh's attack repugnant have is economic and it's working. To date pressure has caused  6  Limbaugh advertisers to pull their advertising from his show.  Limbaugh knows he cant survive if it continues. So will Democrats, liberals. progressives and women keep up the pressure and not get taken in by the apology? Will they finally see that "I'm Mad As Hell and Im Not Going to Take It Anymore" works?

UPDATE: To date the petitons are working. Not only have advertisers left, so far two radio stations have dropped his show. Reports are that 9 more advertisers have left Limbaugh. If the pressure continues on advertisers and they continue to leave, Limbaugh may be done.

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