Thursday, June 9, 2011

The stoning of Anthony Weiner.

In Muslim countries,ultra conservative countries generally run as conservative religious theocracies, women who have been caught engaging in any kind of normal, human sexual activity viewed as outside ultra conservative Muslim law are subjected to the punishment of being stoned to death,  a practice both barbaric in its form,it's reason and barbaric and inhuman in its view of the "crime" committed.

In the United States we have our own version of punishment by stoning, in its own way barbaric and inhuman, with barbaric and inhuman thinking behind it, enforced by a dishonest and hypocritical news media and political system. Anthony Weiner is the latest victim of the barbaric practice of being politically and journalistically stoned for what is essentially normal sexual behavior, the intention being the same as that in Muslim countries, which is to stone him to political death.

It is the absolute sole intention of this crass, dishonest hypocritical news media and the spineless politicians who wont stand up to them, both Democratic and Republican, to stone Anthony Weiner to political death.

And his offense is nothing more than that committed by those Muslim women, and in some rare cases men, who really did nothing more than express their normal, natural, human built in sexual impulses, impulses that science has already proved is as integral to being human as walking upright, and is a separate impulse than simple procreation which is the only reason dogs and other animals have sex.

Watching Wolf Blitzer and other media hordes, the same people who hid under a rock when Bush and Cheney was lying the country into war with Iraq, along with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Tim Kaine and a few other spineless Democrats aided by Republicans who, as usual, are trying to take political advantage of the situation while pretending to be the keeper of the nations morals, all throwing stones at Weiner in the hopes they can stone him to political death, is an ugly sight. And not just ugly but typical.

This is not Mark Foley who used his position as a member of congress to prey on underage congressional pages for sex. Or Newt Gingrich who as Speaker of the House spearheaded the impeachment of Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky at the same time he was cheating on his own wife with a member of his own staff. This isn't conservative Republican senator Vitter of Louisiana who admitted to cheating on his wife with paid prostitutes in Washington DC and who was re-elected by the conservative Republican moralists in Louisiana. All of what Weiner did he did online and according to him, most of it as a single man before he was married, and all things considered as a member of congress, it was probably a lot safer than going to a bar or club if he wanted sexual contact as we well know all members of congress and the news media do even though they like to pretend otherwise.

What Weiner did in the year after he was married is between him and his wife, not Weiner and Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews or any other member of the media. If Weiner feels he needs to apoligize to his wife that is also his  business and no one else's. What is between Weiner and his wife was none of anyone's business a month ago, none of their business now and will be none of their business a year from now. And Tim Kaine's laughably inept, hollow and hypocritical statement that Weiner's lying about what he did makes Weiner unfit for public office makes Kaine sound like a clown as well as being unfit for public office.  Where was Kaine as chairman of the DNC when Obama pubicly lied about the AIG bonuses pretending he knew nothing about them when he was the one who approved them? Where was Kaine when Obama publicly lied about never having campaigned for a public option, and lied about his bill "getting health insurance for 30 million people" when it does no such thing? Where was Kaine when Obama was caught publicly lying in Ohio about getting rid of NAFTA? Kaine wasnt running for anything then, and Obama's serial lying in public for two years about everything from the economy to Bush's tax cuts to healthcare reform didnt make him unfit for public office in Kaines eyes.  Maybe that was because Kaine was chairman of the Democratic National Committee. But Weiner lying about a picture of his underpants that was made public by a conservative bottom dwelling blogger, the one who posted a doctored video of Shirley Brown to  paint her as an anti-white racist when the real video showed her to be the opposite, now for Kaine that undepants lying is serious stuff.

Weiner had every good reason to lie about all of this since it had nothing to do with the conduct of his office and was none of Kaine's or anyone else's business. Kaine just became another stone thrower because he is running for senate in Virginia and arrogantly, for political reasons, decided to pick up a stone and throw it too. He, like other Democrats calling for Weiner to resign think they have some right to tell Weiner's constituents who they should and should not have represent them.

What the media and politicians are doing with this is not only far worse than anything Weiner did, Weiner did nothing wrong at all despite the phony moralizing of the media, and the rank cowardice of Democrats who do what they do best in the face of conflict and controversy -- run. Like Pelosi ran from the public option after she said it was the centerpiece of healthcare reform and ran from it because Obama sold it out. But what's healthcare for 300 million people compared to Weiner's underpants?

If anything Weiner is guilty of not being discreet or careful enough, knowing that there is always the risk of being found out and if it happened, the news media and his fellow politicians would turn into predators because, unlike issues of WMD, Bush and Cheney lying the country into war, Bush's negligence in ignoring  8 months of specific warnings before the 911 attacks or Republican lies about the public option, journalists and politicians only attack when they feel its safe for them, when they feel the prey is in a weakened state and wont fight back.

The worst thing Anthony Weiner has done throughout all of this is apologize. He owes no one an apology. If anyone owes an apology its the news media for the terrible way they do their jobs and wasting the time of most intelligent people.  and cowardly Democrats standing by and letting the stoning take place and in some cases picking up stones themselves and joining the mob.

Maybe its time Anthony Weiner picked up some of those stones and started throwing them back at their deserved targets. And declare he will never resign and if the Democratic leadership doesn't like it, if they are too weak to insist that the media focus on the issues that matter, then tough on them.


Anonymous said...

You are so right! Thank you for your truth telling.

alibe said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I hope he stays put and runs a great re-election campaign. Who cares? Gossip and 2 faced moralists.


Bombing people is good -- sex is bad......

Anonymous said...

You make a really interesting and important point that the attacks come when the prey is considered weak and there's no risk for the attackers, hiding as they will behind their self-righteous mantles.

This is, in fact, an attack of the Morality Police, the same thing we claim to detest in other countries. It's also an effective way to silence a strident progressive voice, one who dared call out Justice Thomas for lying on Federal Disclosure Forms.

If stupidity and lying by the powers-that-be, the pols, the media and all their parasitic handmaidens were counted as capitol offenses, the guillotines would be in hyper-drive right now.

I've changed my position on Weiner, watching the mob hyperventilate, wring their hands and demand their pound of flesh. Was he stupid and reckless in our digital age where nothing is private? Yes, I think he was.

But I now hope the man digs his heels in, gives the screeching mob the finger and carries on.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Marc, while usually I agree with your analyses. You couldn't be more wrong about this. What seemed a harmless act by Weiner to express his sexuality via the internet in the privacy of his own home, has been revealed to be so much worse. Kirsten Power's piece I believe sums up the most salient points about why Weiner's seemingly harmless acts really are secretive trolling of barely legals who Weiner did not know definitively were of age. You mean all those women who claim to be 29 yo on the internet really are?? Some of the pics Weiner sent were in response to mere liking his Facebook page and the flattery of being contacted or followed by a congressman. The fact that Weiner believed it was acceptable to send pics of his manliness as a means to impress said victim, er I mean internet- chatterer, shows a new low in what we accept as 'acceptable behavior,' especially since there are no verification processes to determine what a woman's real age. What you are saying is that the man has carte blanche to send unsolicited and unwanted pics to women as long as its all done in good fun.

Marc Rubin said...

"... Weiner's seemingly harmless acts really are secretive trolling of barely legals who Weiner did not know definitively were of age. You mean all those women who claim to be 29 yo on the internet really are??"

Since he made no attempt and had no desire to meet any of them its not exactly trolling for women. He admits he had phone conversations with some but its not his repsonsibility to ask for proof of age if someone represents themselves as a certain age. And so far while a few women have come forward to say they were Weiner's online partners not one is under age and any speculation to the contrary has no basis in fact, is grossly speculative, and is making an irresponsible supposition by saying so far a non-existant negative supposition hasnt been proven wrong therefore it might be true. The other point of fact you are missing and obviously Kristin Powers is also, is that based on what is known, all of Weiners online encounters were with women who contacted him first. That is not exactly trolling for anything.

Anonymous said...

What upsets me most in this is that Weiner (a Jew) married Huma Abedin (a muslim) which was a big step forward in judeo-islamic relations, which couldn't otherwise be more backward. Now with this incident which is really personal between Anthony and Huma and their families, I feel that what was progress in judeo-islamic relations will now take 50 steps backward. I assume her family accepted him and in doing so, he represented all of us Jewish Americans and I am not happy with that aspect of this scenario. I am sad for Huma and her family especially when they are expecting a child.


Harry Reid throwing stones at a glass house -- a representative from a state that throws political fundraising lunches in strip joints...

Anonymous said...

what about the incredible time he spends flexing and waxing his body instead of taking care of his job. in a time at least difficult for most americans this clown find his own body is the most important focal point of his attention, not the fact that he is an elected official or his political goal or any other above his waist. he is simply a waste of human flesh, and in general I don't care for others sexual life.

Marc Rubin said...

"Harry Reid throwing stones at a glass house -- a representative from a state that throws political fundraising lunches in strip joints"

Someone should remind Harry Reid who is a Mormon that the largest group of consumers of pay per view pornography in the country are in Salt Lake City Utah.

Marc Rubin said...

"...what about the incredible time he spends flexing and waxing his body instead of taking care of his job."

Can you forward the time sheets yuo have or any proof at all detailing the time Weiner spends flexing and waxing his body instead of doing his job? I'll be happy to publish them.

bemused_leftist said...

Weiner sure hasn't skipped many Congressional votes -- just 5% since 1999.

The one who skips work to polish his body image is -- Obama.

Anonymous said...

All of what Weiner did he did online and according to him, most of it as a single man before he was married

I'd like to see some verification of that. The recent tweet to Cordova was unintentional, hitting a wrong button. Was anything intentional done since his marriage/engagement? Except maybe winding down with his existing online girlfriends?

sue said...

I usually agree with you hands down but this pathetic behavior of Weiner is over the top.
First of all, the inappropriate non-solicited advances to women???
Why is it ok to tweet that indeciency? Give me a break, totally inappropriate.
If that weren't enough, he is a bold faced lar.
Sorry, you are way off base.
Weiner is a loser. I could care less what he does but he does not deserve any support for his sophmoric behavior.

Marc Rubin said...

"..I usually agree with you hands down but this pathetic behavior of Weiner is over the top.
First of all, the inappropriate non-solicited advances to women???"

Where did you get the idea they were uinappropriate or unsolicted?? They were neither. According to Weiner every encounter was inititated by the women themselves and that has been corroborated by the women. Weiner made no initial advances at all. Secondly Weiner said everything was consensual between him and the women and thats been corroborated by the women too. Weiner's use of the word "inappropriate" was to me a mistake - nothing more than a politically correct word designed to give a pound of flesh to those criticizing him. And most of the encounters were before he was married and there was nothing inappropriate about that. What Weiner did after he was married is only between him and his wife but no woman objected to anything Weiner did and none of them were approached by Weiner first. And no pictures were sent to anyone prior to an established sexual relationship between Weiner and the women.

Jay said...

Now admits to contact with a 17 year old girl. Says there was nothing inappropriate or illegal...and I'm sure he wouldn't lie about that...not like all the other stuff...really

Anonymous said...

I'd rather read more in "the news" about the lone Goldman Sachs VP, Fabrice Touree, who is being investigated (supposedly) by the SEC. Why only one? This is real news, but it's easier to increase ratings with supposed "sex scandals."