Friday, April 22, 2011

Misrata proves again the empty words without a conscience that is Obama.

By now it should be taken for granted that nothing Obama says ever matters. His words, trite and cliche as they are (the same trite cliches that supposedly passed for "soaring oratory" that produced the mindless swooning of many Democrats and the press like something out of a Lenny Bruce comedy routine) always had nothing behind them.

Misrata is now the latest and most dramatic example of the the empty self-serving words, the deceptions and deceit that is the Obama presidency.

Obama said only weeks ago, during a speech on Libya designed to do nothing more than promote his false image as a "leader" and take credit for things he didn't do in announcing cruise missile air strikes to support French and British fighter jets:

"I refused to wait for images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action".

The reality was the French and British decided they weren't going to wait any longer while Obama dragged his feet unable to make a decision and without consultation with the United States sent their own fighter jets into Libya who started bombing targets before Obama ordered a single cruise missile fired.

But Obama nevertheless went on television to proclaim his leadership role and to give as his reason for taking action his defense of morality and American values and how ordering cruise missiles to take out Libyan air defenses to help establish a no fly zone was his way of showing his moral outrage and sense of a moral imperative that human values must be defended where they are attacked.

He talked about how important it was that even though Libya wasn't a direct threat to our national security, we had to defend our values and beliefs and defense of human rights, and not sit by and watch as people, mostly civilians, were ruthlessly attacked and many slaughtered or maimed by Gaddhafi's forces.

Since that time,Misrata has been under constant shelling by Gaddhafi's troops who have surrounded the city. There are reports they are shelling hospitals and are making no distinction between civilian and military targets. There is no water or electricity and food is scarce. Civilians are being killed. This seemingly doesn't offend Obama's values or isnt part of what he calls "human values".

People are asking for help. And Obama, proving again how empty his words are (and always have been), has done nothing. And as far as anyone knows, doesn't plan to, other than to send money to the rebels though Im not exactly sure what he thinks they are going to buy with it. Misrata has no water and electricity but not because they didn't pay their bill.

The situation in Misrata as described by journalists inside the city is "devastation beyond comprehension". This is where the two photojournalists trying to document the devastation were recently killed.

But Obama does nothing because in the end, that's who he is and anyone who thought his words about defending our values as a reason for intervening in Libya had an iota of real meaning are still drinking his Kool-Aid and rejoicing over the public option and real healthcare reform, the closing of Gitmo and the elimination of the economically destructive Bush tax cuts.

These are the same people whose desire to see a black man elected president over rode every shred of judgement, honesty and integrity to nominate one of the most untrustworthy, deceitful, unqualified presidential candidates in history. You can thank the press and some genuine corruption on the part of the press and some DNC officials for that.

In Misrata, the slaughter that Obama claimed he wouldn't stand by and watch has been going on for two weeks. And those slaughtered are now buried along with Obama's other lies, promises and pledges buried in the same graveyard as the public option, financial reform, Gitmo and all the rest.

You can make a case that it is not our place to intervene in Libya militarily. But no one forced Obama to say what he said. No one forced Obama to proclaim his moral outrage and policy of intervention on behalf of American and human values, a policy that turned out to be as phony as all his others since as anyone sober knows, Obama never means what he says and will say anything anytime to anyone to try and make himself look good. Right now in Misrata he is looking pretty bad.

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