Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keith Olbermann's back? So what?

Much has been made, essentially by groups that consider themselves "progressive" about Keith Olbermann's suspension and now return. They circulated petitions "demanding" Olbermann be put back on the air. But Olbermann is not the panacea or powerful liberal voice people make him out to be. He is one of many in the media who turned a blind eye to Obama's serial lying, serial reneging, and proving he is the most untrustowrthy, underhanded duplicitous politician since Richard Nixon and Olbermann still refuses to hold Obama accountable for his convictionless mess of a presidency. It's not enough to just hate conservatives and Republicans. To have credibility you have to hold everyone accountable and Olbermann never has. He is not a beacon for what matters most in the media -- which is the truth.

Like most of the commentators on MSNBC he does attack the relentless Republican lies and misinformation put out there every day but in a way that is mostly verbose and not very effective. This is not Mort Sahl or Lenny Bruce though he does try hard to be funny. He just isnt. But his biggest failure which undermines most of his credibility has been his failure to acknowledge the many failures, lies and deceit of Barack Obama. Lies, failure and deceit which literally brought down the House for Democrats. So while Republicans are easy targets and deserving of attack and ridicule, what Olbermann does is not much different from Fox News who will never admit the failures and lies of Republicans and conservatives.

Ever since Obama began his run for the presidency and all through the first two years of his administration, Olbermann has and still does proudly display the certificate showing the piece of the Brooklyn Bridge Obama sold him. And his frequent guests are people like Richard Wolfe and Jonathan Alter, fellow Brooklyn Bridge owners each of whom has written the most laughably preposterous books about Obama one can imagine.

Olbermann's reluctance to admit Obama's failures of character and policy ( as does almost everyone else in the press) essentially reduces Olbermanns credibility and effectiveness to someone who has nothing much more to say than to bash conservatives, Republicans and Fox News. The problem is none of those people care what Olbermann says or thinks. And liberals, Democrats and people with IQ's in 3 digits already know all this. If Olbermann or any other truly liberal journalist told the truth about Obama, it would make their truth telling about conservatives and Republicans mean something. But they don't.

Olbermann's relentless defense of Obama's indefensible waste of the biggest Democratic majority in 50 years and all that could have been accomplished but wasn't, has earned him both something of an audience on MSNBC and an audience with Obama. And Olbermann has shown that, like most journalists, he is seduced by power and proximity to power.They call it access.

Michael Moore was a guest on Olbermann the night after his return and the two made an interesting pair. Moore is a good guy. His heart is in the right place, he cares about the right things and he tries to do something about it. But he as well as Olbermann, Arriana Huffington, the NY Times editorial editors, the Nation, and all the journalists in the news media that corrupted themselves in order to elect a president based on his skin color despite how clearly Obama was shown to be underhanded, deceitful and untustworthy, not to mention grossly unqualifed and unprepared to be president, share responsibility in the fiasco that has been Obama's presidency and the fiasco the Democrats suffered in the last election because of it.

Moore should have asked himself in 2008, "is it worth shredding my credibility corrupting the things I believe in, selling out my principles and my friends and neighbors and turning a blind eye to rank injustice, dishonesty and deceit to support Barrack Obama? Can anything good come of this dishonesty"? Because that is exactly what he did, throwing 600,000 of his friends and neighbors in his beloved Michigan under Obama's bus and selling out and their right to vote to support Obama. He did this when he publicly supported taking theirs, and 1 million votes of Florida Democrats and depositing them in a DNC dumpster in order to suppress Hillary Clinton's delegate count and her run for the presidency.And it became even more important because Clinton crushed Obama in landslide numbers in both Michigan and Florida. Moore joined and supported the hierarchy of the DNC who was also aided and abetted by the mainstream press, who decided to punish 1 600,000 voters because five Democratic party big wigs in those states( including the governor of Michigan) moved the dates of the primaries up. It's ironic that Moore, Olbermann, the DNC and the press in general felt they needed to use voter suppression in order to try and elect a black candidate

But that's exactly what happened. And Olbermann and Moore were part of supporting that corrupt process, as opposed to being what they should have been -- horrified at the corruption of the democratic process that supressed the votes of over 1,600,000. And that's why to be a true liberal, it's not enough to proclaim you hate conservatives and Republicans. Or their lies and deceit. You have to be willing to stand up for the truth and the right thing no matter what. And to attack lies and deceit even when it comes from Obama. Or especially when it comes from Obama. And Olbermann didn't. And hasn't. And that's why having Olbermann back on the air really means nothing. At least until he is finally willing to admit he was conned.


Silent Kate said...

Great post, but don't hold your breath on Olbermann ever admitting anything!

sue said...

And somehow Olberman had no issue with bashing Hillary, calling her a racist and looking for a closet in which to lock her away for ever.
Olberman blathers on in his e ho chamber e ery night. He ought to be thankful for the suspension, I'll bet more people were aware of him because of it.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh to contend that Hillary was the true liberal, or any kind of liberal. Olbermann, Moore, etc. were duped by Obama's candidacy just as the general populace was.

Anonymous said...

All those unnamed "lies and deceit" of Obama! You have a strange relationship with reality.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Marc Rubin (blogger = wanna be journalist) hates Keith. He calls Obama a "serial liar" and "the most untrustowrthy, underhanded duplicitous politician since Richard Nixon". That kind of bullshit should tell you all you need to kno...w about Marc Rubin and the validity of his opinions. Considering the source and his far, far, far right wing bias and penchant for utter nonsense I consider this a huge compliment to Olbermann. If an asshole like Rubin doesn't like Keith then you know Keith is doing a fantastic job.

Marc Rubin said...

"All those unnamed "lies and deceit" of Obama! You have a strange relationship with reality."

This is for you, just a quick partial list because I dont have a medical license and cant prescribe medication for you to help get you back in touch with reality.

1. After supporting the public option an saying he will fight for it Obama makes a back room deal with lobbyists to drop it.

2. After dropping it he tells Jim Leher of PBS that he never campaigned for the public option. Liberal sites like TPM start posting YouTubes of Obama campaign speeches where he promises a public option on health care.

3. He gets caught lying red handed to the people of Ohio telling them NAFTA is the cause of their unemployment problems then sends Austan Goolsbee to the Canadian Embassy to tell them to ignore what Obama says publicly about NAFTA he doesnt mean a word of it.

4. In April he pledges he will veto any financial reform legislation that doesnt deal with derevities, then secretly works behind the scenes to get rid of that part of the legislation and signs a bill that leaves derevities the way they were.

5. He lied about the auto bailout saving GM when the auto bailout was supposed to save them from bankruptcy which it didnt do and it was bankruptcy which saved GM.

6. He pledged to newspaper editors and in a debate with Hillary Clinton to use public financing if he was the nominee then reneged as soon as he became the nominee.

7. He pledged to do away with the Bush tax cuts then just the other day sent out Axelrod to let people know he may extend them, then reversed that, then reversed the reversal.

This is only a tiny sample of the lies and deceit you cant seem to get a handle on and i dont have time now for more.

you are obviously one of the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers who dont really know what reality is.. Or maybe its a race thing with you. But just think, if the public option had passed on health care you could have gotten professional help.

Marc Rubin said...

"... about Marc Rubin and the validity of his opinions. Considering the source and his far, far, far right wing bias "

Dont you just love really intelligent people with a grip on reality and who know what the're talking about?. This is the kind mindless cement head that somehow Obama brought into politics and we liberals have to put up with.'

I suppose no one ever told you that in 2008 I worked on behalf of that far far far right wing despot Hillary Clinton. You give liberals a bad name and you make Tea Party lunatics sound lucid.

Marc Rubin said...

"... about Marc Rubin and the validity of his opinions. Considering the source and his far, far, far right wing bias "

Just to put an exclamation point on it, there is a liberal website called BuzzFlash and the Olbermann article for the last two days has been in the top ten most read and positively voted on stories on the site. So where does that leave you?
Left of Stalin?

snobographer said...

@Marc Rubin - Also...

-Said he'd be a "fierce advocate" for LGBT rights and couldn't be bothered to repeal DADT.

-Said he was pro-choice but left even contraception out of the health care bill.

I don't have much faith he's not going to let those filthy rich mofos keep their tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Marc you are genious. What you write is so (painfully) true. Wish it weren't so.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Buzzflash, a once great site, became a seriously Kool-Aid infected community. It is not safe to visit there anymore.