Sunday, October 10, 2010

Obama's unkindest cut

A recent CNN poll has finally delivered the coup de grace to Obama. When asked who they thought was the better president Obama topped Bush by 47%-45% - a statistical dead heat.

While it was clear to a majority of Democrats during the primary that Obama was the weakest and least qualified major presidential candidate in the history of the Democratic party, and has performed to those expectations, to be viewed on the same level as Bush has to be a new low. Bush, without question was the worst most inept incompetent unqualified president in American history. From his dismissal of terrorism as a real threat which led to the 911 attacks being successful, destroying the balanced budget, creating record deficits, and then policies that led to the current economic crisis, Bush's presidency did more damage to the United States in 8 years than any foreign enemy of the United States could do in 240. And yet Obama is now considered even with him in the eyes of the American voter.

Obama is certainly the worst president the Democrats ever had, blowing the public option on healthcare, the single most important piece of legislation since the Civil Rights Act, underestimating the depth of the economic crisis as Biden admitted ( though he keeps reminding people how bad he knew it was when he took office) went with a stimulus that was too small, then gutted financial reform. all to appease Republicans. Then he was as inept dealing with the oil spill as Bush was with Katrina ( though there was no loss of human life involved as it was with Katrina) . Obama has accomplished nothing of real value since he's been in office and even Democrats who voted for his legislation could only call it "better than nothing". And this, even though Obama's had the biggest congressional majority to work with in decades and its why there is such little enthusiasm among Democrats in the fall elections. And why congressional Democrats are in such trouble. No one whether Democrat or independent, wants to be seen as casting a vote in support of Obama's failures. Obama has been so inept, so unqualified and ill equipped to do this job, that on Sunday, David Axelrod said on Meet the Press that he is hoping that the gains Republicans will make in the congress will make the Republicans more cooperative. Meaning that Axelrod is conceding that even with the biggest congressional majority any president has had in at least 50 years, Obama could accomplish nothing of real value because he let the Republicans stymie him at every turn.

Bush was a president with unshakable convictions, which, unfortunately for the country convictions were always catastrophically wrong. Obama is a president with no convictions, along with no backbone, is not willing to fight for anything outside his own political well being, has no vision, and no political skill where it counts. And for those who say, if he has no political skill how did he get where he is, the answer is simple : when the race is rigged, when you have the press tanking for you and you have the powers at the DNC rigging a roll call vote to assure you win, it doesn't mean you're a winner any more than a fixed race means the winner is a great horse. The fact that Obama is considered even with Bush is a true embarrassment both for Obama and the Democrats that fought for his nomination. And it should be enough to make those who bet on Obama tear up their tickets.


Anonymous said...

Now, now. He inherited all of this bad stuff. And it turns out he was wrong, he's not "right on day one."

Anonymous said...

No president has ever been held to as high a standard in such terrible times. I really hope he makes it, because if he doesn't the middle class citizens are all in for even more terrible times. Without medicare, social security and universal health care,unemployment insurance, no minimum wage we will revert to the days of the "Founding Fathers" where the elite, educated male landowners made the policy decisions for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost all of your observations except that of appeasing Republicans. Obama appeases his backers who may or may not be Republicans. Those in Congress of the Republican persuasion are in competition with Obama for these campaign and other think tank, challenges, and assorted other payoffs to hacks which has been perfected to an extent in Chicago. He is following his bliss which will pay for his future campaigns and retirement. He tried to beat the Republicans at their own game and has lost because that is not what he ran on. The dough has dried up and Obama via the permanent Obama campaign formerly known as the DNC is pinching pennies for Obama 2012 and screw the Dems 2010. I think it was Donna Brazile who said "there will be blood" if Obama did not get handed the nomination. Well I think she was two years early and it will be Democratic Congressmen who are bleeding and swearing out vendettas on Obama who looses control of the party 11/02/10.

Marc Rubin said...

"I really hope he makes it, because if he doesn't the middle class citizens are all in for even more terrible times"

The problem with Obama is not that he is doing his best and doing things he believes in and is failing but that he does things for political reasons which then fails. He has no convictions and is always trying to do whats best or most expedient politically. Thats why things havent worked. The middle class were sold out on healthcare when he dropped the public option.

Marc Rubin said...

"I agree with almost all of your observations except that of appeasing Republicans."

He put the country through a year of political bloodletting to try and get one Republian vote, Olympia Snowe's, on healthcare, didnt get her vote anyway and removed the most important aspect, the public option, in my opinion because he reacted to the volatile town hall meetings.It could have been passed with reconciliation from day one, as the Republicans did during Bush's term. He's not a true leader. He wants everyone to like him. And ends up pleasing no one.

Anonymous said...

Without blaming Bush or Obama, both political parties are horrible.

Obama's mistake is he continues to blame Bush. Excuse me, but Obama asked for the job so don't blame anyone else.

Example, you are hired at a new job so, do you blame the previous employee, in your new position, or just keep you mouth shut & quite the 'blame game' & move forward. Obama isn't 'manning up' to what he asked us to give him.