Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tens of thousands of conservatives rally in DC to admit they were wrong.

Tens of thousands of conservatives, most of them Tea Party conservatives and Republicans, descended on Washington DC to attend a rally hosted by Glenn Beck whose theme was "Restore Honor".

It was heartening for anyone to see so many conservatives rallying to restore honor, something they are now obviously admitting has been missing from their lives for a long time. So the rally is showing that perhaps they have seen the light and are now admitting that they've been wrong. About everything.

Beck said the point of the rally is that "honor integrity and respect must be restored" to America, something that has been sorely lacking with conservatives for decades. And since it was a conservative president,George W. Bush who dishonored America more than any president in history it was fitting to see all those conservatives asking for forgiveness.

Beck's rally to restore honor does come a little late. Its a rally they should have held during the Bush Administration when George W. Bush dishonored America with his gross negligence in ignoring 9 months of terror warnings that eventually allowed the 911 attacks to happen when they could have been prevented, to his incompetence with Katrina, to the first pre-emptive war in America's history which was all based on lies and deceit, and to economic policies that caused the worst economic crisis since the Depression. All with help from the Republican congress.

But conservatives admitting their mistakes is at least a start. After all, what can you do?conservatives are always a few years behind reality anyway. They were 150 years behind the civil rights struggle of the 60's and in the case of evolution they've been about 100,000 years behind the curve.

But better late than never. A conservative's holding a rally to "Restoring Honor" must be their way of saying " We're sorry". So it was nice to see them in such large numbers wanting to restore honor and renouncing those who left phone messsages for Bart Stupak that said they were going to pray that he gets stomach cancer. But then, conservatives have always been a deeply religious lot.

And lets give Glenn Beck some credit. It took courage to call for a rally of conservatives to give up their ideologoy and restore honor, truth and integrity. It was a willing sacrifice on his part because if it succeeds, Fox News is out of business. And Beck is out of a job.


Anonymous said...

Marc, I'm not a conservative, not yet anyway, and I attended the Beck rally on Saturday. I'm a former democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, a tea-partier, and future independent. I believe Beck's rally was a much needed show of voter unhappiness with the current administration's policies and congress' failure to listen to "We, the people." Your partisanship is showing. Be an american first, an ideologue second. Our great country is in distress, and unless we do something, anything, including attending Beck's rally with passion and fervor, we are doomed to go the way of the Roman Empire.

Marc Rubin said...

"Our great country is in distress"

I agree with that but I believe that Beck is either truly psychotic or an ego maniac and political opportunist. He actually said that the Civil Rights movement belonged to conservatives, that they were the ones who started it. I actually wrote a few paragraphs satirizing that but took them out . The country is in distress and hopefully Democrats will stop following Pelosi's lead and drop the idea of the pretense of phony unity in supporting Obama and insist the Democratic congress take control and repudiate Obama's half baked presidency. But conservatives have no credibility. They kept their mouths shut for 8 years when one of their own was causing everything they are protesting about now and destroying the resources of the country.