Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama being Obama: running the Democrats into the ground

Anyone paying attention during the Democratic primaries who was able to look past the color of Obama's skin, ( which eliminated 99% of the press), could see that he was without question, the least qualified and the most deeply flawed in terms of character of any of the Democratic candidates. This fact is now glaringly coming home to roost as Obama's presidency continues to sink.

So far, no Democratic candidate Obama has endorsed during an election has won, the two most glaring and troublesome for Democrats being Martha Coakley in Massachusetts and Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. In fact he has practically been the kiss of political death for Democratic candidates. And it shouldnt come as a surprise.

When Geraldine Ferraro, former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate said publicly that if Obama had been white, with his background, flimsy resume, history of non-accomplishment ( as a legislator who voted "present" over 100 times so he wouldn't have to be on the record as having voted for or against a bill) and with his deep character flaws including serial lying, reversals of position when politically expedient, and reneging on promises, he would have been a joke as a presidential candidate she was vilified by the press and the DNC establishment.

Her vilification in the press was mostly for raining on their racial agenda, supporting Obama more for the idea of electing a president of color than his true qualifications. As the press and the DNC are now finding out, tilting the playing field to make Obama the Democratic nominee and hence assuring his election as president, was no joke.

Our courageous and crusading press, the same press that let Bush and the Republicans run the country into the ground for 8 years while sitting on their hands, turned a blind eye to all of Obama's serial ( and well documented) lying, his reneging on pledges and his underhanded duplicity. The fact that it comes as a shock now to so many of his former supporters when he is doing the same things as president as he did as a candidate, and before that, legislator, is why so many Clinton supporters in the Democratic party referred to Obama supporters as "drinking the Kool-Aid".

When his supporters look at his monumental failures with healthcare reform and financial reform, both gutted by Obama to the point where congressional Democrats called both bills "better than nothing", they all ask, "what happened"? The answer is nothing happened. This is who Obama is and always was. It's Obama being Obama.

But Obama's ability to bamboozle the press and a large contingent of cocktail party liberals, the kind Lenny Bruce used to torch in his routines on race in the Sixties (as people who acted like they understood the race issue but didnt) both of whom were instrumental in selling Obama as "ready to be president on day one" has, inevitably come crashing to the ground. Especially with the rest of the country.

Well meaning Democrats like Ed Rendell, Howard Dean, Denis Kucinich and many congressional Democrats up for re-election are going to have to admit they made a huge mistake pushing Obama, as many rank and file Democrats and a majority of independents have already realized. With the elections fast approaching, polls are showing many independents are prepared to take their anger and disappointment in Obama out on Democratic congressional candidates.

A recent poll showed that 61% of independents say they are either "angry" or "disappointed" in Obama with only 38% approving of his presidency. A year ago, before he actually had to do anything, Obama's approval among independents was in the mid sixties. On other fronts
from healthcare to financial reform to the Gulf spill, Obama is showing a drop in poll numbers not seen since, well, George W. Bush.

What Democrats need to understand is that Obama's real Lincoln Moment is occurring now. It's called "You Can't Fool All of the People All of the Time". And Democrats need to accept it if they want to retain control of congress so they can take the initiative to bring about the real reform the voters wanted but that Obama has proved he doesn't have the conviction, courage or political skill to deliver. While Republicans made a non-issue out of Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince, it was Obama bowing to Joe Lieberman on healthcare that has Democrats and independents angry.

When Obama was elected he had then and still has now, the largest congressional majority of any president in 100 years. Yet it's always the tail wagging the dog, the Republicans always getting the upper hand on him. And he always gives in.

For any Democrat in a close race, the strategy has become clear -- they will have to run, not on Obama, but from him. And if I were running the Democratic National Congressional Committee I would beg Obama between now and election day to stay home, and please, no more speeches.


Anonymous said...

The Democrats in Congress have worked too closely with Obama to distance themselves from him this late in the game. The Democrats made their bed, now they must lie in it. They are reaping the consequences of their actions. Karma is not about punishment, but an understanding that actions, whether intentional or unintentional, have consequences.

Edgeoforever said...

It was koolaid for the little people. For the insiders it was the money. I remember towards the end of the primaries, Hillary calling delegates to talk sticking to the race being told "you're right, he might lose the GE, but the money is so good!"
As it turned out, the money carried him over that line and now the investors get paid while the rest of us get stuck with catfood commissions and heritage Foundation bills.

purplefinn said...

Excellent and comprehensive analysis, as usual.

"Well meaning Democrats like Ed Rendell, Howard Dean, Denis Kucinich and many congressional Democrats up for re-election are going to have to admit they made a huge mistake pushing Obama....."

Well meaning? I credit Ed Rendell with supporting Hillary in the primary while Howard was suggesting that she step aside. Yes, Ed is backing a losing cause now.

DandyTiger said...

Great and much needed article. Thanks.

There was definitely a concerted machine effort behind pushing this unknown over the line in the primaries. How for example did a complete unknown early in the race raise more money than any of the established candidates? And lest we forget, if you go back and watch those primary debates, Obama's performance was, I'll be kind and say, lacking. Clearly early on he was selected by the powers that be.

So it's hard to have sympathy for the DLC and Dem candidates now. They made their bed. I'm just afraid the Dem brand may have been damaged beyond repair. I'm a proud liberal. I'm no longer a member of the Democratic party. Though I will still vote for Dems or third party candidates if they're good, but that's no longer my party.

susan h said...

Dear Marc: I followed your blog all through the 2008 primary where we and so many others supported Hillary Clinton. I wanted to share the following link with you as it outlines "How Obama Used an Army of Thugs to Steal the 2008 Democratic party nomination".

Perhaps you will want to share this with your readers. If not, I understand as it is rubbing salt into a sickening, never healing wound. To say Hillary would have done a better job than this schemer-dreamer-liar is like saying I TOLD YOU SO ONE MILLION TIMES but no one heard us. The silence of the media who supported the Chosen One is still deafening.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

The old adage "you get what you pay for" seems on point in this case. They bought an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obamanible BLANCHE Lincoln moment! What a complete constituent FRAUD!! Da BUM!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obamanible BLANCHE Lincoln moment! What a complete constituent FRAUD!! Da BUM!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the original post. I think the media was unwilling to go after Obama because of his skin color. I don't judge a person by their skin color, but rather by their character. I knew before the first primary that this man wasn't the right choice for America. I voted for Hillary, and in the general election, I chose McCain. Afterall, Hillary did win the most votes during the primaries, but you didn't hear much about that in the media, did you?

As much as I liked Hillary, and as much as I believe she would have been a better President, the democrats have done so much damage that even if Hillary ran in 2012, I don't think I could support that ticket. It hurts me to admit to that, because Hillary has done a lot of great things for this great country.

It seems that whatever Obama wants, Obama gets. I sure miss Bush right about now. At least he didn't bow and apologize for America. We should never apologize for anything, period. I sure hope the Republicans take control of both chambers and soon, because this country is surely headed in the wrong direction and fast. Whoever the republican nominee in 2012 will be a better choice than the current president that we have.

Scranton4Hillary said...

Ed Rendell was a huge Hillary supporter. His heart was broken when the DNC stole the primary from Hillary.
I am totally disgusted with the DNC but I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat.

Perry Logan said...
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Perry Logan said...

It took us only two years to learn:
Never Trust a Democrat

Anonymous said...

Hillary is the ONLY democrat I'll be voting for in the future if I am afforded that opportunity. OR perhaps those who supported her through it all. The rest and the Obamacrats at the top can go to hell. They usurped the party, took dollars, volunteer hours, and water carrying for years then threw us all under the bus and used vote cheating to do it. Little has been made of this debacle by the press who went along with it while pretending to be "reporting" on the primary.

Two years? That's nothing. I know what the republicans did and haven't forgotten Katherine Harris either but, this was far more than that and the left who claims to care about voter rights jumped the shark totally. The ends justified the means? I wonder if they still feel that way.

I am a done dem but, I won't vote republican...they HATE Hillary and all this posturing and befriending is just that. Should she ever run again they'd go after her like they did before.

I'll just be vetting left leaning candidates very closely in the future and mostly voting third party. As for the POTUS slot? I will write in Hillary for years to come just as a reminder to the DNC.