Monday, April 12, 2010


It's always hard to criticize President Obama in the face of the irrational and sometimes racist attacks made by Republicans and conservatives. But Obama has had his own issues with the truth and his duplicity for most of his political career and a small thing like his census form just seems to underline it.

In answering the question about his race, Obama entered "African American". But Obama is not black, he is mixed raced, (which in itself is a first for a US president). But one of the major campaign themes in Obama's run for the Democratic nomination was his slogan "Yes We Can", which, as everyone also knows, was a veiled pitch that, yes we can elect an African American president. And when it was to his political advantage that's how he presented himself,even though he had an African father and white mother.

It was the idea of electing a black president that won him biased media support and it became a cause celebre to elect a black president which resulted in most of the media looking the other way every time he was caught in a lie or reneged on a pledge or promise which was almost every other day. Obama knows that too.

And so Obama finds it necessary to perpetuate the representation on his census form of being black so he can continue to justify the rationale for much of his support especially among whites, so he can be called " the first African American president". Which, as if race as the basis for supporting someone isn't superficial enough, in Obama's case it's even more superficial since its based mostly on his outward appearance.

Obama's phenotype, our outward appearance, has predominantly African features. That is the result of the random mixing of genes from both his mother and father and in Obama's case his features happen to be more African. Derek Jeter has the same genetic racial make up but the random mixing of his genes from a black father and white mother produced a phenotype with more Caucasian features and Jeter has never been referred to as the "the Yankees first black shortstop".

What is the point? Simple honesty and integrity on the part of someone who claimed to be a "different" kind of politician. And the perpetuating of something less than the truth in order to justify something.

Its a strange form of racism itself to have Obama and others call him the first African American president in the way we come to understand the term since it denies the very existance of his mother and elevates one race above another. Yes those who do it think they are doing it for a good cause, but so did anyone in history who thought for any reason one race was more important than another instead of the point Martin Luther King tried to make which is that race doesnt matter.

Imagine if Obama's appearance was more Caucasian and imagine if Obama wrote on his census form that his race was white. People would feel he was denying the existence of his black father and no doubt many would have called him an Uncle Tom. Instead, for political reasons Obama chose to deny on his census form the contribution of his white mother.

Barrack Obama used race to help him get elected and he knows it and so does most everyone else. And ironically most of his supporters discarded everything Martin Luther King stood for and judged Obama on the color of his skin not his qualifications which is why now, supporters of Obama like Matt Taibii in Rolling Stone accused Obama of "bait and switch" in the health care battle ( which is an understatement) big supporters like Frank Rich have been calling his presidency a failure to date, and others are saying "what happened, this isnt who we thought we were electing".

Thats because Obama's race is of no use to him or anyone else now that the job has to be done. And the same lack of qualifcations, and deep character flaws that existed before he was elected are all too apparent now that he's president. Its just that a lot of people dont want to admit they were bamboozled.

The truth is anytime you hear someone, including Obama or any other politician or member of the media refer to Obama as the first African American president , something they do all the time, they are making race the reason for Obama's election and lying about it.

Obama claiming his race as black is pure politics. Obama knows that better than anyone.
Not walking out on Jeremiah Wright's anti-white anti -American diatribes for 17 years was a purely political decision since the Trinity Church was in the Chicago district he represented.

When he was embroiled in the Wright controversies during the Democratic primary he said at one time that he would no sooner leave the Trinity Church than he would turn his back on the entire African American community. So when he did dump the Trinity Church when they became a political liability it's no surprise that the Democratic Black Caucus wants to know why Obama has not done more about disproportionate African American unemployment.

He said that Jeremiah Wright was like a member of his own family and he would no sooner disown him than he would disown a member of his family. But he dumped Wright too when he became too much of a political liability, and as if fullfilling a pledge,when he filled out that census form he did as promised, -- he disowned the white half his own family including his mother and his white grandmother who had a lot to do with raising him. And all for the same reason. Politics.

During the healthcare debate when the Hitler signs and words like Voodoo and Witch Doctor came out attacking Obama on healthcare the gut reaction for many, even those who criticize him, is to defend him against those kinds of low class, unwarranted, and in many ways racist attacks. Obama knows that too. So in that sense embracing and elevating the black side of who he is helps him politically in that way also.

There is no doubt that in Obama's mind, to embrace his true racial make up wouldn't be good politics. And everything Obama does is about politics whether its dropping the public option in healthcare, pulling a bait and switch as Taibii pointed out by calling healthcare reform "health insurance reform" and hope no one would notice, or filling out his census form.

The irony is that in misrepresenting his racial make up on his census form he actually did what the form is supposed to do in the first place but in a different way. It reveals who Obama is. Not black, not white but an ordinary politician.

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Keep swallowing wht Obama ejaculates down your willing and hungry throat. DNC tools like yourself are comical!!