Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Bitter Democrats. It sounds like an Ingmar Bergman movie from the 50's. but that is what Obama supporters call Democrats who are refusing to support Obama and march in lockstep like they are and like the Republicans do traditionally. But it is actually the Democrats who will be voting for Obama who are the bitter Democrats. Bitter over 8 years of a Republican President who is without a doubt the worst most unqualified President this country ever had and never should have been elected in the first place.
Bitter that the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi have been a disaster and delivered on very little ever since they became the majority. And probably bitter that they can't pose any valid arguments for supporting Obama that doesn't expose them as a collection of trained seals swallowing whatever nonsense Obama throws at them which is why they get so flustered and angry when others won't go along.

Bitter Democrats supporting Obama seem to think the best revenge is to elect the Democrats version of an unqualified President who has no business being in the Oval Office either. You can almost hear them in their bitterness saying " If the Republicans can have an unqualified, unaccomplished intellectually dishonest President in the White House so can we!".

As has been the case throughout the entire campaign and primary process, the biggest affliction affecting Kool Aid drinking Obama supporters has been projection, that stage of denial, in the case of Obama supporters mass denial, where someone projects onto other people their own feelings and behavior they want to suppress instead of admit and so project it onto others. So Clinton supporters who refuse to support Obama because he is an inept, unqualified dishonest underhanded snake oil salesman are called bitter by Obama supporters, while those supporting an inept,unqualified, dishonest underhanded snake oil salesman believe themselves to be enlightened.

Since there is not a single good reason to vote for Obama other than you are bitter about 2000 and Kerry;s moronic 2004 campaign, and 8 years of gross incompetence by George W. Bush,it is bitter Democrats who will be voting for Obama. The fact that Obama was the product of a rigged roll vote and a rigged primary process engineered by people in the DNC who are every bit as incompetent and dishonest as George W. Bush ( Howard Dean Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile) it doesn't seem to matter.

Even those deficient Democratic politicians like Dean, Pelosi, the bowing and scraping Bill Richardson and Chuck Schumer of New York,and all the rest who are missing the Truth Gene in their DNA seem to think the only reason to vote for Obama is to have a Democrat in the White House. Which 99% of the time would make sense. Except for this year.

Others say "Hillary is telling me to vote for him and I will do what she says" as if that is some kind of rational reason to do anything..

No one right now knows what the outcome will be. Obama has been trying to raise money to the very end. He is so confident of winning that he is buying commercials this morning in Florida. With all the money he has, if his internal polling showed he was a shoo-in ( what the dishonest enablers in the mass media are trying to make people believe) he would be channeling some of that money to Democratic candidates in tight congressional races around the country. He isn't. He is spending it on himself. Of course you can make the case that even if Obama was a shoo-in he would spend it on himself.

By tomorrow morning we will know if there are more bitter Democrats than rational ones since it will be the bitter and those caught up in race that will be voting for Obama. Predicting is a losers game since you could flip a coin and have a 50% chance of being right pr wrong. But for those who want to look for indicators, if Obama wins the close battleground states that now show him with a small, it will be the first time since the primaries began that the polls turned out to be right in states where the polls were close.

During the Democratic primary every state poll that showed Obama with a big lead proved accurate. But every poll that showed Obama with a small lead or Clinton with a small lead and a very tight race, proved wrong by landslide numbers against Obama.

In Ohio, Zogby had Obama and Clinton tied the night before the primary. Clinton won by 10. In California Rassmussen had Obama up by 1 the day before the primary. Clinton won by 15. The polls showed close races in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Clinton beat Obama by landslide numbers. The polls showed a tightening race in South Dakota with Obama with an ever shrinking lead. Clinton won by a landslide number.

This is not to say it will happen again. But if you're going to handicap and try to pick a probable winner, you handicap the past performances of the pollsters. That's what the "experts" are doing but failing to take into account how wrong the polls were in close races and by what margins.Again there is no way to know for sure. the best indicator that Obama's internal polling is showing he is in a dogfight is that he is still running commercials in battleground states.

If the polls do hold to form there will be a lot of bitter Democrats tearing up losing tickets when its all over wondering how Obama could have lost. If Obama wins we could be in for four years of "Scenes From a Bad Marriage".

NOTE: This post has been removed 5 times today by some pro Obama twit working at RCP. Whoever is doing it, he or she has been doing it for two weeks as 4 previous posts were taken down by someone with access, perhaps even the webmaster. Mine arent the only ones. Others have complained and had their anti-Obama posts removed by someone at RCP who is probably acting in as a rogue not officially for RCP. Perhaps I should be flattered that this political twit thinks these posts are so influential they should be removed from RCP.

This is the kind of political garbage that personifies Obama himself and his supporters. Whoever this neanderthal is should be exposed and fired.


Anonymous said...

So the only possible way that somebody could disagree with you about Obama is that they have psychological issues? Wow, what a brilliant point.

November 4, 2008 12:46 PM

Marc Rubin said...

"So the only possible way that somebody could disagree with you about Obama is that they have psychological issues? Wow, what a brilliant point."

No the only way would be for you to pose a rational valid argument for voting for Obama, something that is obviously beyond you otherwise you would have made it. Which is indeed a brilliant point. Well ok,not brilliant but replying to this doesnt really call for brilliance does it.

Pamela in the Poconos said...

Marc, you see the irony; electing Obama to counter Bush when Obama is another Bush - just one from the other side of the aisle. Both are eminently unqualified to serve as POTUS, but neither let that stop them from barging ahead. Both had the financial resources to buy their candidacy. And both are incredibly arrogant, although I'm certain that O tops Bush in that category. To those of you who see only what you want to see, thanks for nothing.

futureboy said...


I agree completely. Every time I bring up Obama's inexperience people say that "Bush was inexperienced!"

Duh, And look what happened!

God bless America.
Julia NYC

Anonymous said...

Marc, whatever happens tonight, I want to thank you for all the wonderful posts these past months. You have helped to expose Obama for the fraud that he is. Your work has not been in vain. TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. One candle will light up a dark room (boy am I philosophical now).

I am here in Chicago as Obama-mania will take place soon. 75,000 tickets are bought and paid for to go to Grant Park for a rally with THE CHOSEN ONE. Thousands more are expected. Many people at work here will be going (I will be getting out of downtown quickly). They encouraged suburbanites to leave early and put additional trains in place to get them out of the city. I hope they do not become violent and trash the city.

Anonymous said...

So now we're bitter no matter who we vote for. Might as well vote democrat since you'll be calling me names too. take that!

Susan said...

Bush never WAS elected president--either time. Both elections were stolen both times.

democraticjack said...

I must be bitter. I am voting for Obama for two basic reasons.

1. Because I can.

2. He is a better candidate than John McCain. Yep, sometimes even a prostitute can be raped.

Marc Rubin said...

"I must be bitter. I am voting for Obama for two basic reasons.

1. Because I can.

2. He is a better candidate than John McCain. Yep, sometimes even a prostitute can be raped."

The first is not a reason its a fact that applies to anyone over 18who has registered. As for the second, with all due respect the idea is to vote for the person you think will make the best PRESIDENT not the best candidate. And a lot of people would agree that McCain has run a lousy campaign.

As for the bitterness I think that you didnt get the point, which is, that its the Obama voters accusing Democrats who arent voting for Obama of being bitter, which is the kind of projection that they show in almost every attempt at justifying their choices, obviously not considering that those Democrats voting against Obama are doing it as vote for integrity, something Obama has proven he has none of.

PUMA.SF said...

Marc, I think you are a fantastic writer and your views are always spot on and humorous. IF we can't have Hillary because of the DNC and Koolaid drinking zombies then McCain the second best choice.

I am a huge fan. We fight on.

Timeforchange said...

Marc you really need your own talk show because you bully, name call and demean with some of the best. Obama has an almost identical platform to the one offered by Hillary. That may not be enough of a reason for you to vote for him, but it does not make those of us that choose to support him morons for doing so. Look at the ballot initiatives in SD, CO and CA (to name but a few) tonight and you'll the reasons why an Obama victory is essential tonight. As much as you may not like it, your failure to support him is a failure to support the progressive movement and the Democratic platform. Fortunately, I'm optimistic that after tonight you and the Denver Group will be an afterthought.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you to you and Heidi Li for your brilliant posts these past few months. As with the other blog spots on JSND, yours has been a beacon guiding those of us who continue to believe in standing firm for the principles and processes of democracy on which this nation was founded. I’ve been a member of the party formerly known as Democratic since registering 38 years ago and have always voted Democratic. After what I’ve witnessed during this election season, never again. I’m ashamed of what the party has become. I voted a straight Republican ticket today for the first time in my life. It felt great to let go of the bitterness that has so consumed the party and to vent the rage of knowing so clearly that BO is the Dems' extreme leftwing radical authoritarian version of the extreme rightwing neocons' GWB. They're both fascist. It's time to clean up the cheating, corruption, fraud, lying, sexism/misogyny/male supremacy, thuggery, outright violence and bashing of this country and its founding principles that's being perpetrated by the party formerly known as Democratic led by its anointed one, BO. Today, I used my precious vote to help show all the corrupt, conniving, lying, thieving, women-hating career politicians (e.g. Dems) the ‘exit’ sign. Count on me to continue to stand up, speak out and fight on with Democrats for Principle Before Party and the other JSND member blogs. Thank you.

democraticjack said...

"As for the second, with all due respect the idea is to vote for the person you think will make the best PRESIDENT not the best candidate."
I really didn't think I had to fine tune it to a gnat's heinie, Marc. You asked for legitimate reasons and I gave you two. Broad brush gets broad brush.
Now show me how to get rid of Howard Dean. I already know what is wrong with him.

waiting4HRC said...

'Obama has an almost identical platform to the one offered by Hillary. That may not be enough of a reason for you to vote for him...'

They may have a similar platform but Hillary is a class act whereas Obama is a trash act.

Shtuey said...

When George W. Shrub was handed the White House in an extraordinary act of disenfranchisement he did not gain my allegiance. The same was true in 2004.

To give allegiance to a man who broke federal law to enter White House, simply because he is a democrat, is a machiavellian act of hypocrisy that should shame anyone who values democracy and the rule of law.

Thank you Marc for all you've done. The work will continue until our elections are free, open, and devoid of fraud. It will continue until the federal government stops working against our interests. It will continue until we restore constitutional legitimacy to our government; a government that doesn't tap our phones without warrants, and suspends habeas corpus.

Dr. King said, "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Apparently America has yet to understand this fundamental truth. This nation will continue to be lost until it does.

We fight on.

Hope said...

Congrats Mr. Obama


I'm a Democrat (a lil' bitter yes because I feel Hillary was cheated) however I didn't vote Democratic, I voted for McCain/Palin. I still feel that obama has many more secrets that are not for the "good" of the USA. Period. I just can't seem to call him President...